Over years The J.G.Garcete Co. Inc. has worked to develop human, financial and technical resources to bring reliability and quality to our clients.
With a team of over 50 personnel, our focus has been on providing complete services from design review, site surveys to construction, installation and commissioning. We ensure quality and accuracy in the work by spending a substantial amount of resources in training of our personnel.

The resources that are available from The JG Garcete Co. Inc. for your project are:
  • Strong financial support from banks
  • Team of highly experienced project managers and superintendents
  • Professional engineers, designers, estimators
  • Skilled and semi-skilled workers
  • Supporting and coordinating staff
  • Use of latest software for estimating, design and project management
  • A tools and equipment division
  • Extensive pool of specialized sub-contractors

A lot of effort goes into making these resources work effectively. The key lies in effective communication within the organization, with sub-contractors, architects and owners.

To ensure speed and reliability of communication, extensive use of emailing and intranet is made. To make this possible we have high speed scanning document devices. Comments are digitally incorporated on photographs to make communication precise and effective.